Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Steaz Iced Teaz Rocks the Canned Iced Tea Market

My favorite bottled/canned tea beverage brand changed this past year. I still enjoy the occasional Nantucket Nectars brand tea or half & half but now mostly enjoy the Steaz brand selection of teas.

I enjoy the fact that they have a less intrusive sweetness to their teas. They actually state on the cans that they are "lightly sweetened". Sugar, however, is still the second ingredient listed. The flavor I go for most often is the lime pomegranate white tea. I would rank all the flavors I have tried in the following order: 1. lime pomegranate, 2. blueberry pomegranate acai, 3. unsweetened lemon, 4. lemon, 5. mint, 6. peach.
Naturally they are available at Whole foods and other local whole foods stores. If you ask them, one of the crew at Whole Foods will pull a case of 12 for you, when they have them from the back. The usually keep them loose in an open refrigeration case near fresh baked good and prepared foods. Amazon has a case available for $19.30 that qualifies for free shipping. I think I pay around $1.40 a can at Whole Foods.

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