Friday, October 29, 2010

Jasper as Count von Dracula

He wears the smallest vampire costume from the Martha Stewart Pets line available at PetSmart.

The costumes were on sale reduced down to 75% off their original price.

For the sale price of around $4.00, the costume was an inexpensive pet indulgence.

Jasper PLaying with Sadie's Toys

Jasper PLaying with Sadie's Toys
Originally uploaded by Chadwick Land

He prefers her toys over his own. While not surprising, the toy taking does stir up some minor drama between them. They soft toys do a good job of protecting one's hand from his razor-like babby dino teeth.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Product Pick for 2010

Remote Control Pumpkin Lights

Available from Williams-Sonoma (online and in stores). They are now on sale for $4.99 down from original price of $19.99. The remotes and the timers make these worth having for outside decor or hard to reach in-door decorations. With a push of the remote, you do not have to wrestle with candles or lighting a pumpkin each night. They are also safe and pose no fire risk like candles. The LED lights are surprisingly warm and can either flicker like a candle or cast a constant glow. To keep them from getting wet outside while illuminating your pumpkin or inside the head of a scarecrow, simply put them inside a Ziploc bag and you can protect your high tech, low investment effect.

Honorable mention:

Martha Stewart Pets available at PetSmart has a fun line of Halloween toys for your dog. One toy is actually two different toys because each one is reversible. They are no longer available online but sell in stores for around $5.00 each. Choices are: Ghost/Tombstone, Vampire/Bat, Witch/Cat.

Jasper likes the chewing the witches fleece nose and hair.

Jasper is His Name

I finally decided on a name for the new puppy. His chosen name is Jasper and it suits him well. A blank piece of paper was divided into three columns of potential names. However, despite all the choices the clear favorite, since seeing the puppy's photo with his eyes open and reinforced by our first meeting, was always Jasper. He will be seven weeks old on Saturday. During his first week home, he has definitely bonded to us and is fearless in his pursuit of fun and toys. Sadie nearly four years his elder definitely has not bonded to the under four pound bundle of cuteness. For now he is using the pee-pee pad when I can catch him and his separation anxiety is intense. I do see hope on the horizon in his relationship with Sadie.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New Puppy Opens His Eyes

Is he ready for play or for a nap?

OK, my spots look like this on this side. I think those are sleepy eyes.
His new home is ready for him but he's still a few weeks away from coming home to meet his big sis. Will have to get some toys that are his very own to prevent conflict and jealousy.

Monday, October 4, 2010

New Puppy Arrives Late October

Sadie, my dachshund, missed her companion Spencer since his passing in August. We decided to take the leap and acquire another dachshund as a companion for Sadie. The new puppy will be Sadie's brother from a recent litter of her parents. We are already looking at the best options for the introduction of Sadie to her bother to minimize any behavioral or jealousy issues on Sadie's part. My hope is that she will help us care for him. My other hope is that he will be a bit more laid back than she is. I have a list of names going for potential names. The breeder named him Spats but will not be keeping that choice.