Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Product Pick for 2010

Remote Control Pumpkin Lights

Available from Williams-Sonoma (online and in stores). They are now on sale for $4.99 down from original price of $19.99. The remotes and the timers make these worth having for outside decor or hard to reach in-door decorations. With a push of the remote, you do not have to wrestle with candles or lighting a pumpkin each night. They are also safe and pose no fire risk like candles. The LED lights are surprisingly warm and can either flicker like a candle or cast a constant glow. To keep them from getting wet outside while illuminating your pumpkin or inside the head of a scarecrow, simply put them inside a Ziploc bag and you can protect your high tech, low investment effect.

Honorable mention:

Martha Stewart Pets available at PetSmart has a fun line of Halloween toys for your dog. One toy is actually two different toys because each one is reversible. They are no longer available online but sell in stores for around $5.00 each. Choices are: Ghost/Tombstone, Vampire/Bat, Witch/Cat.

Jasper likes the chewing the witches fleece nose and hair.

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