Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Chocolate Love

Over the last couple of years I reintroduced myself to chocolate after a nearly 14 year hiatus from the wonderful food. I do try to exercise to allow myself these indulgences and mainly limit myself to the best dark chocolate and mostly skip milk chocolate. I find that I don't scarf down dark chocolate - unlike milk - as fast. This is another benefit of dark and limits consumption. My taste may not be the most expert but I have developed a fondness for a few brands and flavors. In other words, I know what I like as you may well too know. I like to find new chocolate to share the way other like to share wine. Please, post your favorites. Here is one brand to tempt the chocolate taste buds.


Yes, the name and packaging suggest love and poetry but it has a very manly dark chocolate flavor. They go the purist route as well as combine interesting flavors. Nationally you can find a limited selection of their flavors at Target and a wider selection at Whole Foods.

My Picks: Strong Dark 70% Cocoa, Cherries & Almonds 55% Cocoa, Chilies & Cherries 55 % Cocoa

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