Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dream Remembered

Last night's dream was filled with A list actors and other oddities. Here's the scoop on the dream and it seems too silly for interpretation. Jessica Lange and another actress were playing the roles of Big and Little Eddie from Grey Gardens in a stage version of the show at a local pub.

No, it does get better. I was also in the play but as the young boy from Sling Blade speaking in a thick Hollywood Southern accent.

My entire family showed up for one of the performances at the pub where the show would incorporate pub activity into the action. I became paralyzed with stage fright and could not perform a scene with Jessica Lange. After the performance - or my paralyzed attempt - I flung myself at Jessica's feet begging for her forgiveness. She did forgive me and also gave me a lift home in her Amish buggy. While driving home, she taught me how to take the reins of the horse. The next evening I experienced the same stage-fright-like symptoms and could not be comforted by Jessica. However, she gave me a ride home again in the buggy.

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