Tuesday, June 16, 2009

O Summer Reading List

O, The Oprah Magazine put together an interesting list of new books and summer reading - not that the weather here has been warm enough to even consider a trip to the beach. Oprah does well placing an important emphasis on reading and reinforces the relationship between reading and healthy living. Other aspects of her magazine either do not relate to me or I find annoying. Dr. Phil has a monthly column and continues to dispense his cracker jack/medical advice. In this month's issue Oprah walks around her multi-million dollar estate taking photos with her personal camera of the "little" things that make her happy. All I do when I see her enjoying roses or fields of lavender at her estate is think about her $$$$ landscaping bill. Isn't it precious that one must have a large estate to find the "little" things in life to enjoy. How about this? Let's all follow the Sense and Sensibility model and find a nice cottage. If the place is small enough, can one then enjoy the "big" things in life? Would a pot of lavender placed on a porch at a busy intersection with a high trash /noise ratio be as enjoyable? Or would we have to have another article on meditation to teach us to block out the annoying distractions and to focus on the beautiful minute garden? I don't think I was meant to look beyond the surface of what Oprah wanted me to see. The book suggestions - almost - make up for the annoying bits. I hope they will mute - partially - my annoying aside.

Two titles on the list caught my eye - yes, back to my original intent. Heroic Measure by Jill Ciment. I was drawn to this one because the couple have an elderly dachshund that is one of the centers of their life. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith was also brought to my attention. How did I not hear about this one?


NY Times Week in Review

I Was a Regency Zombie
Published: February 22, 2009
These days, America is menaced by zombie banks and zombie computers. What’s next, a zombie Jane Austen? In fact, yes.

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