Thursday, August 20, 2009

Spielberg to Re-Make Stewart's Harvey Classic

Newly flush with cash Spielberg's Dreamworks Studios plans to re-make the 1950 classic, Harvey, staring Jimmy Stewart. The original was based on a Pulitzer Prize winning play by Mary Chase. It is unclear if his role will only be that of a producer or both producer and director on this project. Tom Hanks - often compared to Stewart -would be a possible casting choice for the film should Spielberg direct. I don't understand the reasoning for touching a classic like this featuring an iconic performance. Will they keep it simple or CGI the crap out of it to suit a wider audience? Will they choose to make it a period piece or give it a modern slant. Look at last years' The Women to see what happens when they take a classic and make it modern. Despite being in development for over 10 years, The Women was done no favors by director Diane English (Murphy Brown creator).

The Women 1939 classic.

The Women 2008 better left unviewed.

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