Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Keeping My Fitness Routine Honest

Today, I decided that my best intention to keep a paper journal of my exercise and fitness progress had failed. The journal is in my gym bag and I simply do not use it to record the days I go to the gym or the activities that I do to maintain my fitness level. Lately I have realized that I have to increase my frequency of working out. I eat well but my weakness for sweats definitely requires an activity to counter any unsightly gains from the indulgence of baked goods and sugar. The format of these posts relating to my fitness goals may change or be incomprehensible to those not privy to the organized chaos swirling around in my own head. But I must start with something and let my pride or disappointment be on display to keep me focused on the goal of bodily maintenance and improvements. A public record may motivate me to do better than my current best.

We don't get a spare body but can develop a spare tire if not careful by remaining too sedentary.
Sometimes it is best to keep phrases such as the above out of sight by quickly banishing such talk from one's mind.

Today's Workout
BU Gym
Arms, shoulders, chest, abs, squats.
Activity time: one hour

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