Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas Crafts MSL Snowman Treat Boxes

Above: A candle light close-up shows detail of two spun cotton birds alight on the brim and top of the snowman's custom made hat.
Here is a less attractive view as the white glass glitter is washed out by the camera flash.

The Snowman Treat Boxes were featured in the Martha Stewart Living December 2009 issue. I had no time to make them before Christmas so I spent a couple of afternoons making them after the holiday was over. This practice works best for me because a project like this requiring multiple steps and attention to detail would be rushed and the end results would be less stellar.
Some tips from my experience.
1.Take your time making the hats because you will be amazed by the end results. Make the smile a bit one sided for more personality.
2. Paint three coast of white paint over the round boxes used as the base.
3. Do not use white wool felt for the gloves since the color does not pop against the white glittered body.
4. Make at least a couple if you are going through the trouble of all the steps to make one.
5. The final step in assembling all the parts is the most fun.
6.Use good quality supplies like wool felt and glass glitter and your will be enjoying these for many years.
PS: They are too cute to give away. But if you must...only give away to someone who will appreciate all of your efforts .

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