Monday, July 12, 2010

"I Am Love"

"I Am Love" is a welcomed relief between blockbusters. Current summer film season has not been one of the greatest when compared to past years. Comic book adaptations and sequels are more stale than usual. I would settle for day-old bread sequels verses ones not fit for croutons on a bland Cesar salad. Food, love and passion are the elements of this vivid Italian melodrama. American independent films often go for the bland looking and the tragic. Colors are on vibrant display and most beautifully worn by the films star. The director reminds us that film is a visual art that needs not rely on 3D (which can be wonderful) or cumbersome descriptive dialog. He chooses to show the audience the story rather than unravel it mater-of-fact like.

Review of music composed by John Adams used in film

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