Friday, April 24, 2009

Domestic Bliss? Harriet Craig Should Add Calming Lavender.

Crazed,perfectionist housewife Harriet Craig may have been less abrasive had she had green cleaning products. My Earth Day tribute is a day or two late. Harriet could have added calm to her life by using environmentally friendly lavender dryer sheets. I prefer two brands at this time.

Both the wet Method French Lavender and Mrs. Myers Lavender scents are easy on the nose. The Method brand is a stronger scent while Mrs. Myers is more subtle. Though I can only imagine the effect, these staples of the Whole Foods home keeping aisle may have had on our Harriet. I think she may had had more time for pillow talk and relaxing baths thanks to fluffy lavender scented linens and towels.

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