Saturday, April 25, 2009

"Thank You for Being a Friend." Bea Arthur 1923 - 2009

Bea Arthur died today. I cannot count the evenings I watched re-runs of The Golden Girls on Lifetime. She was a class act in every medium and knew how to deliver a line that would stop traffic. Actually, it was the stare and the lengthy pauses that she would give either before or after the line that would deliver the biggest punch. Movie stars exist out there but a television favorite such as Arthur is a friend you invite into your home. They touch you with laughter and delight you on even the most mundane of days. I liked knowing she was out in sunny California somewhere enjoying her retirement. Sad to see her go less than a year after Estelle Getty. Seasons two through five are my favorites. I love Maude too but The Golden Girls will leave the biggest mark in TV re-run land. Again, Bea thanks for touching us all with your talent, husky voice and for giving us Dorthy Zbornak.

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