Thursday, May 21, 2009

Martha Plants Terrace with Home Depot Finds

Planting my outdoor terrace at Skylands
posting from Martha Stewart Blog

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Usually, Martha uses plants grown from her private greenhouse or other speciality plant suppliers. She may have a deal cooking with the big orange box store and is simply sharing the love. Whatever the reason is I like it when she makes affordable choices elegant. One of her plantings inspired me to do the same in one of my garden pots. I will update you on that latter. Perhaps, the long holiday weekend will offer us all the sunny weather for fun and gardening with time to rest.
Martha's selections before planting.
I believe the cycads are $22.99 a pot at Home Depot. In my experience with HD plants it's best to catch them as close to their stock date as possible. Some locations do not give them the care a smaller nursery provides. I am planting one indoors and one outdoors.

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