Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Brown Snakes Make for a Happy Garden

A couple of days a go I spotted two baby brown snakes in my garden. It was early evening and they were getting an early start hunting for dinner. Having an urban garden, I don't often see as much wild life as my more rural counterparts do. I was very excited and at first thought they were very healthy earthworms. Sadie has been hunting them around the rock wall which is a great habitat for them - I hope they will survive and outsmart her hound instincts. The best part is that they love to dine - like the French - on snails. Also, they have an appetite for slugs which are in health supply in my garden. I now may not have to rely on another remedy to rid my garden of squishy slugs. There are some other natural ways to void the garden of slugs. For now, I will let the snakes feast on the abundance. I hope they will make my garden their home.

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