Friday, June 5, 2009

First Dog and Mr. President by HERMANN-Spielwaren GmbH

These pieces are sold individually and imported from Germany to commemorate the inauguration of Obama and the arrival of First Dog, Bo. HERMANN-Spielwaren GmbH is one of the oldest manufacturer of fine bears. Both pieces are made of mohair. Mr. President is stuffed with the traditional wood shavings.

The bear captures Obama's cool suit jacket-less style. Both are made of mohair. You can position Bo's ears and tail to resemble an active Portuguese Water Dog.

I have no idea if these will obtain the status of collectible presidential buttons, spoons or plates. However, they are fun and remind me how I had such a different feeling this time last June when the Democratic Primary was drawing to a long, bitter close. Now we have a great President and a great Secretary of State. They will fit in nicely with the Steiff and R. John Wright bears. I promise that politics will only be limited to fun stuff on this blog. There is already enough "noise" out there to make you "mad as hell". Network should be required viewing.

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