Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Poached Salmon / Patties & Croquets /Carol Burnett

I admit it that before the previous weekend that I had never poached salmon. There...it's out in the open and I'm not ashamed anymore. What was I waiting for/what was I scared of? After doing the deed, I found that I denied myself a valuable way to prepare fish at home. I used an Everyday Food method.
The flaky salmon was then used for a fresh take on the classic - mom used to make those - salmon patties made from the canned salmon. The salmon was in the same shape as canned cranberry sauce when if flopped out of the can. Remember the soft bones were included too. Nothing wrong with that but using fresh salmon and breadcrumbs (instead of cracker crumbs) rocked the boat. Now, we are talking croquettes and not patties. Carol Burnett in her vivid memoir, One More Time, wrote about growing up on salmon patties in a tinny Hollywood apartment with her Nanny and sister. She grew sick/tired of the fried protein patties courtesy of a low budget pantry. Does she ever crave one today?

After poaching the salmon, cook one medium chopped onion in olive oil for about 5 minutes . When cool add onion, egg, salt, pepper and bread crumbs to combine salmon. Form into patties then coat in breadcrumbs. I placed them in the fridge until ready to fry in a healthy oil. Brown on each side and serve on a bed of arugula. Everyday Food suggests serving with a yogurt sauce - yummy -with a grated granny smith apple, and tablespoon each of mint and cilantro. Your patties are now croquettes.